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About Us

Join the company that has rave reviews from Apple, The NY Times, NBC, FOX, CBS, ABC, Fast Company & many Others.

You will be part of an exciting and fast-growing team as an online/digital math tutor with Thinkster Math. Our team consists of skilled, motivated, and highly passionate math tutors from around the world.

Our tutors utilize technology, data, and AI-enabled insights to deliver incredible student learning outcomes.

Who is this job for?

This is for anyone, seeking a math tutor position from anywhere in the continental U.S.

Are you a certified teacher or math tutor and have always wanted to open a franchise or tutoring center of your own but never went to go about the complicated process? Do you currently teach Math somewhere and are looking for an additional income? Do you have a teaching degree, yet not teaching in a classroom environment?

Thinkster Math is an educational technology company. We believe that passionate and capable teachers and tutors should not be limited to helping 20 or so students in a classroom but be able to reach out and help many more. We are looking for Math teachers and tutors who are looking for part-time positions and enjoy working from home.

Note: If you are a resident of New Jersey – You may be eligible to become part of our “full-time” team if you can work a minimum of 35 hours/week. This will give you health insurance benefits as well. Please indicate as such in your application to us.

Our Vision
Thinkster spends marketing dollars to acquire customers and the tutors’ job is to manage and retain the students. By providing tutors with a structured curriculum, insightful data on how students learn and a CRM system to manage your classroom we have created a system where motivated tutors are able to handle a large number of students ( dependent on your time commitment ). We automate most repetitive and administrative work that tutors typically need to do and leave the analytical and communication part of the job to teachers.

Our Customers

We have thousands of customers over 30 different countries and we have grown in the past 7 years.

We Offer:

Flexible scheduling
Competitive pay
Ability to work from home 100% of the time
Professional work experience
Creative freedom
Great culture


Job Description

Provide daily grading for on worksheets submitted by students ( can be done any time of the day)
Teacher assigns work to students once every two weeks to once a month depending on student study plan, how much work they do (can be done any time of the day)
Conduct live one-on-one tutoring sessions with certain students (evenings, after school hours, weekends – all prescheduled with parents)
Do phone calls/ conference calls with parents ( can be set up between 12 pm – 10 pm EST, prescheduled with parents)
Send Weekly Reports and Progress Reports to keep parents updated on Student work
Attend to email communications with parents, answering questions regarding progress/ assignments/ school work help, etc
Attend all tutor meetings
Keep up with all changes implemented in processes, operations, content and communication with parents
Skills Required

Minimum 2 years of teaching experience in elementary/ middle or high school.
Strong Math skills and confidence in providing solutions to Math problems.
Strong communication skills to share insights into why students make errors.
Awareness of the Common Core and Curriculum across the US
Confident in using and learning new Technology
Excellent Communication skills with Parents and Students
Ability to handle process change and work in an adaptive environment
Ability to teach the subject matter as well as assessing the student’s knowledge and skills on an ongoing basis
Proven track record of dependability and professionalism
Good interpersonal and rapport building skills
Other Requirements to Know about before Committing to Certification Process

You must own an iPad generation 5 or newer model and a laptop
You must be very comfortable and confident about working with Technology
You are looking for this job as a long term option
You will need to decide the hours you are willing to work prior to signing the contract with us
Certification Timeline and Requirements

Total Certification time is about 10 hours from beginning to the end. The sessions is split into various phases and takes about 2 – 3 weeks. This includes live sessions and independent assignments/exercises that candidates have to complete
Live Sessions are conducted on Skype and are prescheduled between candidates and our Director of Academics.

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