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Grow your career at Thinkster Math. Join a remarkable team of people who are changing students’ lives using AI-Driven technology and driving change in global learning.

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Our Mission

To Make Learning Math Efficient, Predictable, and Achievable

Our goal is to build an educational platform that will stand the test of time. We compare ourselves with institutions such as MIT, Stanford, Harvard, and Princeton. Not out of vanity, but out of respect. You don’t question the existence of these institutions for the next 500+ years. We aspire for the same.


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Our Values

Innovation, Inspiration, Humility, and Authenticity


Our foundation is based on the philosophy that we are deeply attracted to making things better - to make the world better tomorrow than the one we inherited today.


We seek to be fresh in our thinking and inspire students, parents, and colleagues with everything we do as a company.


We remain humble in whatever we do and how we interact with our customers, partners, and each other, along with the way we speak about ourselves.


We are true to ourselves, honest and transparent with our thinking with no hidden agendas. We are an open book and eager to connect with everyone around us. We will only do things legally and ethically.

Team Members Says

It’s About Learning and Growth. That’s What Drives Us.

  • “With Thinkster, you'll make more than you'll ever make as a private tutor. I can tell you that you'll make more than working with another tutoring center. But for those of us at Thinkster who excel as a tutor and make it to the end of our certification program, it's about the learning and student growth. That's what drives us. We are looking for individuals that are driven by helping students achieve results and helping them see their highest potential."

    Laurie Loves Working with Thinkster!

  • I’m happy I joined Thinkster because I wanted the flexibility to be able to still have family time and the extra income has been a big help to supplement our family needs.

    Jessica Steele (NJ, USA) Loves Working with Thinkster!

Open Oportunities

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Senior Data Engineer

We are looking for a savvy Data Engineer to work on next-generation educational systems.... Learn More

Thinkster Math Tutor

We are constantly recruiting & certifying tutors! Join the company with raving media reviews... Learn More

Senior Automation/Quality Assurance Engineer

This role will also be primarily responsible for testing existing and new features and... Learn More

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