Senior Automation/Quality Assurance Engineer

Department: Engineering


This role will also be primarily responsible for testing existing and new features and functionalities, to ensure end to end product quality.
In addition this role will be responsible for the User Experience KPI – i.e. making sure that the user experience for customers is constantly monitored, measured and upgraded each day.
The role will recommend and own and set up analytic tools (examples: Heap Analytics, Google Analytics, FB Insights, Firebase Analytics, others) to measure KPIs and metrics for performance analysis, create and maintain standard reporting / dashboard of key performance KPIs and metrics including proactively identifying and reporting tangible issues / deviations / concerns. This will be the basis of testing new and existing products.
KPIs and Metrics need to be aligned with Business Lead, CEO, and all functional leaders.
Timely and consistent monitoring and tracking of performance and user experience needs to be performed in-depth, well-documented with version controls, capturing deviations / issues and feedback from stakeholders and provide clarity on reasons for deviations / issues.
Conduct usability testing across all digital properties including testing live sites, apps, prototypes.
Evaluate best practices across industries and document continuous improvement ideas.
Measure user behaviour, anticipate user roadblocks, and find ways to measure and report on them.
Communicate and present experience improvement recommendations to key stakeholders.
Conduct ongoing research on competitors, best practices across the world and across industries.
Observe innovative ideas across emerging media and consumer behaviour in the edtech space.
To be successful, the role needs an excellent understanding of how the product works including how users use the product.

The role will be responsible for updating and writing product and feature documentation based on all changes post implementation.

Tech Specs –
Automation Experience – Selenium
Backend Testing experience
4+ years QA experience
Agile Development

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